Ghosn's escape is justifiable Ghosn's escape is justifiable

Carlos Ghosn, the former head of Nissan Motor Co. accused the criminal justice system of Japan as it is rigged and violates the most basic principle of humanity.

In responce to his accusation, Masako Mori: Japan's Minister of Justice stated that he should appear in court and prove his innocence. This statement reveals the ture character of Japan's criminal justice system.

In modern countries, the idea of presumption of innocence is a common sense. Therefore the legal burden of proof is on the prosecution. The prosecution ought to prove that the accused is guilty beyond reasonable doubt. And yet, the Minister said that Ghosn should 'prove' his innocence!

Surprisingly, the idea of presumption of innocence is not common 'sense' in Japan. Few people such as lawyer or those who had lived in Western countries know this idea. However, not all of them have this idea as sense. It is only an knowledge to them. The Minister: Masako Mori is a lawyer. She is a professional at law. Nevertheless she stated that Ghosn should 'prove' his innocence. If she had this idea as a sense, she would never made such a statement even as a mistake. Who mistakenly say 'I owe you.' instead of 'You owe me.' or 'I stole his wallet.' instead of 'He stole my wallet.'? She let slipped her true feelings by mistake.

Kakuei Tanaka: a former prime minister of Japan once was accused of Lockheed bribery scandal. The Supreme Court admitted a plea bargain which had not been provided in any law of Japan and gave immunity to the witness. Thus Kakuei Tanaka was deprived of his opportunity to cross-examine the witness and was convicted as guilty. It is unconceivable for citizens of democratic countries.

Nevertheless, almost all of Japanese people didn't recognise it as abnormal. They thought Kakuei would be guilty because he had been accused. Only few people indicated the procedure is a violation of the due process of law and the most basic principle of humanity.

This occurred in 1970's. Still, most of Japanese haven't the sense that an accused is presumed innocent until the accusation proves that he is guilty. Even those who know the idea of presumption of innocence as knowledge, their sense is contrary. An accused is presumed guilty until he proves his innocence. The statement by Masako Mori: the Minister of Justice of Japan has proved it.

As to the Minister's statement, she excused that she mistakenly said Ghosn should 'prove' his innocence. She intended to say that Ghosn should 'insist' his innocence.

However, she wrote that Ghosn should 'prove' his innocence on her twitter. After being indicated that point she replaced the word 'prove' with 'insist'.

Official statement by the Minister of Justice
He also claimed that banning a defendant from seeing his spouse is a violation of basic human rights. Unless there is a flight risk or a danger of evidence being concealed or destroyed, however, there is no restrictions for a defendant to see certain individuals.

Minister, you are the one who suppressed the evidence. Your are the one whom ought to be detained.

This is the head of judicature of Japan. Shinzo Abe: the Prime Minister of Japan should have dismissed her immediately. The Constitution of Japan endows the Prime Minister the authority to dismiss ministers of state without reason. And yet, the Prime Minister hasn't noticed the significance of her statement and misconduct. Apparently, he doesn't know what the presumption of innocnece is and its significance.

Obviously the basic principle of humanity doesn't function in Japan. Only few people have the sense of modern democracy but the general tendency still remains in premodern. People who insist that Japan should have sense of modern democracy are minority. The general public are indifferent about it.

Ghosn's escape is justifiable. He should be tried in a country where the basic principle of humanity functions.

My English is rusty. If anyone has noticed grammatical or terminological mistakes, please inform me.



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小室氏が著作の中で引き合いに出したHenry DenkerのOutrage(復讐法廷)。強盗強姦殺人の犯人が現場付近で逮捕されこれでもかと言わんばかりに明白な証拠が出て来る。にも拘らず警官が犯人を逮捕した手続きが違法だった為に裁判では無罪。

弁護士(実務のプロ)を目指す人は刑事訴訟法(及び憲法)でこの適正手続き(due process of low)の重要性をこれでもかと勉強する筈です。その目的は基本的人権を守る事です。この件に関して弁護士からの批判が強いのは当然ですね。有罪の推定を前提とした人権無視の、法律のプロとしてあり得ない発言をしたわけですから(笑)。